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world war i casualties wikipedia - casualty statistics for world war i vary to a great extent estimates of total deaths range from 9 million to over 15 million military casualties reported in official sources list deaths due to all causes including an estimated 7 to 8 million combat related deaths killed or died of wounds and another two to three million military deaths caused by accidents disease and deaths while, world war ii casualties wikipedia - world war ii was the deadliest military conflict in history in absolute terms of total casualties over 60 million people were killed which was about 3 of the 1940 world population est 2 3 billion statistics of military wounded are available for the major combatants, world war i teacher oz - world war i updated january 2011 jump to timelines primary documents letters diaries statistics casualties diplomacy and causes of the war participating countries battle strategy info weapons the troops trench warfare gas warfare military medicine war in the air on the sea maps images art war propaganda spies espionage codes, world war one the maritime war gwpda org - trench warfare on the western front may have captured the popular imagination but the first world war was very much a maritime conflict as well, vietnam war statistics and facts 25th aviation regiment - capt alexander of westwood nj and lt orlowski of detroit mi died november 30 1967 alexander stationed at the 85th evac and orlowski stationed at the 67th evac in qui nhon had been sent to a hospital in pleiku to help out during a push, nineteenth century death tolls necrometrics - over 1 000 000 killed napoleonic wars 1803 15 note the era of almost continuous warfare that followed the overthrow of the french monarchy is traditionally split into three parts, records for the war dead of ww1 great war - war grave agency records if you think a relative may have died in the first world war it should be possible to confirm this by looking at the records held by one of the war grave agencies responsible for the care and maintenance of graves and official memorials for the war dead of the first world war, battle of the somme 1916 in the great war the wartime - 28th jun 1916 on the march 28th jun 1916 acting as interpreter 28th jun 1916 28th jun 1916 bombardment continues y day the thick mist and heavy rain continues as does the bombardment the last of the allied gas shells are used, the institute for defence and security studies nsw journal - the royal united services institute for defence and security studies nsw use the button top right to donate much needed funds to the the royal united services institute for defence and security studies nsw so that its valuable work can continue